Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Janet Cams making friends

Well, the Janet Cameras are finally up and running. We have received reports from all over the valley that the portable cameras are up and moving daily - sometimes more than once in a day. A blog has already popped up which is keeping track of locations.

What is interesting is that people are noting a distinct lack of speed limit signs on some of the highways, which makes it sort of difficult to keep track of speeds. Perhaps they should be required to post a speed limit reminder with the traffic camera warning so people could actually make sure they are heading at the right speed instead of slowing down to 45 mph or lower to make sure they don't get pinched.

All of this and still a potential $1 billion budget deficit this year. We hope someone is keeping close watch on the citations. We are anxiously awaiting one of the legislators who voted for the budget and the speed cameras to get pinched and pay the $165 fine.

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