Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Statement from Gov. Brewer regarding AZ Scenic Trail Designation

Statement by Governor Jan Brewer
Regarding the Arizona National Scenic Trail Designation

PHOENIX – “With President Obama’s signature on Monday, March 30th, the nearly completed Arizona Trail received the first National Scenic Trail designation in the United States in 25 years. The 800 mile-long route, spanning from our southern border with Mexico to our northern border with Utah, was born from the vision of Flagstaff school teacher Dale Shewalter and navigates through the State’s most beautiful and scenic backcountry, showcasing our diverse landscapes and wildlife. Through the efforts of several state and federal agencies, elected officials, volunteers and private corporations more than 95 percent of the Trail has already been completed. My dear friend, Congressman Bob Stump, helped secure the first seven mile segment of the Arizona Trail in 1988. This is a great day for all of the citizens of Arizona.

“The Arizona Trail is a testament to what can be accomplished through public-private partnerships. I would like to commend Mr. Shewalter for offering his vision and guidance throughout the years and to Dave Hicks and the Arizona Trail Association for their commitment to completing this project. The time and efforts of the countless volunteers involved are also to be commended. In addition, I wish to thank Arizona’s congressional delegation, in particular Senator Kyl, Senator McCain and Congresswoman Giffords, for their efforts on behalf of this legislation.”


Full Release Here.

Brewer not shooting in the dark

The Arizona Republican Party put out a press release today including survey data recently completed regarding the Governor's proposed tax increase.

This definitely confirms what I was hoping, that the Governor wasn't just shooting in the dark hoping it would work. The question asked was included in the release and runs right along with the Governor's 5 Point Plan of cutting, reforming and preventing big time government growth, and a temporary tax increase.

Results show support for statewide sales tax as part of comprehensive plan
including cuts and use of stimulus funds

PHOENIX – The Arizona Republican Party released results from a recent survey today showing strong public support for a temporary 1% statewide sales tax as part of a balanced budget approach.

The statewide survey conducted in partnership with Margaret C. Kenski, Ph.D. of Arizona Opinion and HighGround, Inc. was conducted over March 6 - 12, 2009, interviewing 607 high-efficacy, likely voters. When it came to taxes, here was the comprehensive question that was asked:

“I’d like to ask you how acceptable or unacceptable you find the following measures which would be considered in addition to spending cuts in order to preserve critical education and public health funding while the economy begins to recover. These
taxes would be in the form of a constitutionally limited tax that would last for no more than three years and would automatically be eliminated without another public vote.

Let’s assume for the purposes of these questions that the Legislature and the Governor have already cut nearly $1 billion dollars in State spending by 2010, used all of the federal stimulus funds to balance the budget and still have a billion dollar per year budget deficit. All of the funds raised from these taxes would be dedicated towards maintaining 2010 spending levels for K-12 education, universities, community colleges, and health care for the poor. Each of the following measures would raise approximately a billion dollars per year.”

The results showed that 66.6% of the electorate supported a temporary 1% increase in the statewide sales tax to help bridge the gap to economic recovery, with nearly 40% considering it a very acceptable option.

39.7 % Very Acceptable
26.9% Somewhat Acceptable
9.1% Neutral
5.9% Somewhat Unacceptable
18.0% Very Unacceptable
.5% Unsure

The question gathered widespread support spanning party lines - Republicans found the sales tax 62.5% acceptable, Democrats 71.6% acceptable and Independents 64.6% acceptable.

“We were surprised by the level of support expressed by the electorate. It appears that Arizona voters would support a balanced approach in solving the budget crisis,” said Randy Pullen, Chairman of AZGOP. “Former Governor Napolitano and the Democrats in the legislature left us with a financial crisis on our hands. We all recognize Arizona government must learn to live within its means by reducing spending and reforming government. This Governor and Republican legislature have already made larger budget reductions and reforms than any previous governor and legislature. However, with continuing bad news on all fronts about declining tax revenues and the state having to borrow money next month to make payroll, the sooner the budget is balanced the better it will be for all Arizonans.

“We encourage the Governor and the Legislature to pursue any and all means necessary to right our current budget crisis and restore fiscal sanity to the state of Arizona,” concluded Pullen.

Brewer announces Director of Dept. of Gaming

Governor Jan Brewer Names Mark Brnovich
Director of the Department of Gaming

PHOENIX - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer today named Mark Brnovich as the new Director of the Arizona Department of Gaming.

“I am proud to add Mr. Brnovich to my cabinet,” stated Brewer. “He has a great understanding of gaming issues in Arizona, and his legal expertise and experience will be essential in his service to the Department of Gaming and the State of Arizona.”

Prior to his appointment, Mr. Brnovich was Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona. During his time there he focused on federal offenses occurring in Arizona gaming enterprises and worked closely with tribal gaming investigators, the Arizona Department of Gaming and law enforcement agencies to prosecute crimes and coordinate crime prevention efforts. He also served as Assistant Attorney General in Arizona, where he was primarily responsible for representing the Arizona Department of Gaming and providing legal advice regarding legislation, contracts, licensing and regulation of Native American gaming. In prior years, Mr. Brnovich also worked as Judge Pro Tem of Maricopa County Superior Court, Deputy Maricopa County Attorney and Command Staff Judge Advocate in the U.S. Army National Guard. He began his extensive legal career as a law clerk for the San Diego County District Attorney and later for the Honorable Jonathan H. Schwartz in Phoenix.

In addition to his legal career, Mr. Brnovich has served as Senior Director of State Customer Relations for Corrections Corporation of America, developing and maintaining relations with various government agencies throughout the United States. He has also worked as Director for the Center for Constitutional Government at the Goldwater Institute, formulating policy and conducting research and analysis. He started his career with a congressional internship in Senator John McCain’s office.

Mr. Brnovich received his Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Arizona State University and his Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego School of Law. He also completed the Judge Advocate Officer Basic Course for the United States Army.

“I want to thank the outgoing Director, Mr. Paul Bullis, for his dedication, hard work, and willingness to participate in an effective transition,” said Governor Brewer.


Full Release Here.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Roundup of the current budget situtaion

Mary Jo Pitzl had a good article in the Republic this weekend. In summary, we've got a major problem. $3 Billion large.
She puts it in perspective by saying the following.
If you cut out all general-fund money sent to the state university system, essentially shutting it down; eliminate the state prison system; close the state parks; stop state funding to the arts and welfare services; and get rid of the Commerce Department, you still wouldn't close the gap.
The House Dem's released their budget options today and in my opinion it's a short term solution that still doesn't even solve the problem we currently face. The Republican's are still $500M short.

Looks like Brewer may be the only one looking at the now, and the future.

Governors Public Schedule this week.

Public Schedule For Governor Jan Brewer
Week of March 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

• National Constables Association Meeting
Governor to provide remarks
9 a.m., Omni Tucson National Golf Resort and Spa
2727 West Club Drive, Tucson

• Pima County Social Host Ordinance Press Conference
Governor to provide remarks
10:30 a.m., Pima County Board of Supervisors Office
130 West Congress Street, Tucson

• Cenpatico & Linkages Kick-Off Event
Governor to provide remarks
3:00 p.m., Mission Royale Golf Resort
11 South Mission Boulevard, Casa Grande


Full Release Here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Statement from Gov. Brewer regarding school choice

The Supreme Court ruled today that school vouchers for foster and disabled children violate the State Constitution and therefore must stop. Governor Brewer released this statement regarding the news today.

Statement by Governor Jan Brewer

Arizona Supreme Court Ruling on School Vouchers for Foster Children and Disabled Children

Phoenix – “As a long-time supporter of school choice, it is heartbreaking for me to think of the challenges that are now faced by foster parents and the parents of disabled children to locate a different educational program than the one they have already selected. Clearly, these parents identified these educational programs as the best environment for their children. I will encourage the Legislature to work closely with me to accommodate the needs of these children in the development of a process that will meet the legal requirements of the Arizona Constitution.

“This decision today will not be the end of school choice in Arizona. We are a nationally recognized leader in school choice, the school tax credits remain, and we will continue to provide every opportunity to empower parents to make the best decisions for their children.”


New Director of Governor's Office for Children , Youth and Families

Governor Jan Brewer Announces
Director of Governor’s Office for Children, Youth and Families

PHOENIX - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer today named Cassandra A. Larsen as the new Director of the Governor’s Office for Children, Youth and Families.

“Ms. Larsen is extremely knowledgeable in education and issues facing Arizona families,” stated Brewer. “Her expertise in prevention strategies and education management, as well as her ability to work in partnerships will make her a tremendous asset for Arizona’s youth and families and for my Administration.”

Prior to her appointment, Ms. Larsen served as Director of the Arizona Prevention Resource Center after serving as Associate Director and Community Initiatives Coordinator. The APRC provides technical assistance and training to educators and various organizations for the prevention of gang violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and bullying. She was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations and community partnerships, as well as overseeing grant writing, budget preparation and implementation, and conducting analysis of the effects of various programs. She also worked simultaneously as a Managing Member of CA Larsen Associates, LLC.

Ms. Larsen has a strong background in education management. She has served as Chief of Staff for the Arizona Department of Education and Executive Director of the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools. In both positions, she learned about issues facing Arizona’s school system and worked to create solutions and programs to address those issues. In addition, she gained experience in building community relationships and public outreach while working for KSAZ Fox 10 news as Community and Public Affairs Director.

Ms. Larsen received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with an emphasis in English from Edinboro University in Edinboro, Pennsylvania.

Full Release Here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brewer has 57% approval rating

Kudos to Noble Thinking for his coverage and thoughts on a recent poll done by Rasmussen. Make sure to read his post, he has a lot of thoughtful insigh regarding the results of the survey and what it may mean for the direction of Arizona.

First observation: Brewer outpaces Obama with a 57% to 53% approval rating. She is also beating the President's disapproval rating 37% to 47%. I agree that its not all that surprising since Arizona is a red state, but it does show that efforts to go purple are still a little behind, and it also shows that Brewer is not as much of a polarizing figure. She may have a chance to gain some ground in the middle.

Second observation: while people hate the nebulous idea of "taxes," there is a surprising amount of support for a sales tax. Look at question 3 vs. question 5. Only 22% favor "taxes," but it shoots up to 41% when it becomes more detailed. Opposition shrinks as well. It will be interesting to see if the 9th floor is able to come up with enough specificity to gain the trust of the voters.

We have a no tax plan......as long as you give it to us.

There's a lot of stories, press releases and chatter out there about the budget and the plans for 2010. I'll be honest, it pretty much confirms what I've been thinking- NO ONE knows what's going on at the legislature.

First you have, by way of Sonoran Alliance, the press release with a title of "Senate Republicans take on challenge to resolve budget without tax increase." The line of the day comes from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Gray. “Even President Obama is not suggesting a tax increase during a recession.” Maybe he's been busy at the capitol and hasn't watched TV or read the newspaper in the last few months.

Next you have the Howie Fischer story that Republicans are crafting a budget without a tax hike. He provides a few more details, that they have about $2.5 Billion figured out leaving $500 Million or so left. Fischer pointed out that Gray was not correct in his assertion that Obama isn't raising taxes.

What bugs me about this whole operation is summed up in the Republic's article about Senate Republicans asking for help plugging that $500M hole. When Sen. Pamela Gorman pointed out that the list of ideas from the public amounts to "a little shop of horrors." Well, it would be nice to see this list which, of course we can't. It would be nice to have those brainstorming ideas out there to see what they are thinking of if taxes aren't on the table.

From my sources, a big part of the fix deals with borrowing, selling buildings and assets, and delaying paying bills. All things we critisized Napolitano for last year.

Friday, March 20, 2009

2010 Watch

We're combing through the rumor mills, news stories, and blogs to give you the latest on the Governor's race in 2010.

Attorney General Terry Goddard is "aspiring, perhaps" to the Governor's seat in 2010. This is Goddard's most telling indication to date that he will indeed make a 3rd run at the State's top seat. Meanwhile, no word if Jim Pedersen will throw his hat in the ring, but its a safe bet that the Democrats, who have already had a messy chairman's race, would like to avoid some messy primaries next year.

On the Republican side, several names are being tossed around as possible primary challengers to Governor Brewer, if she is successful in her efforts to pass a temporary tax increase. Among those names is Congressman Jeff Flake, but while he may have the fiscal issues on his side, his spotty record on immigration may be a hinderance.

If you have any juicy gossip or more information, please let us know at GovRace2010@yahoo.com.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can I get a loan with the stimulus package??

In a stark contrast to what happened the first time around, the State Loan Commission voted today on a maximum annual interest rate of 2.25% so the state can borrow money to cover a cash shortfall.

Governor Brewer, embarrased that this even has to happen is credited for the quote of the day.
"Needless to say, this is not the right way to run government," she said. I would have to agree.

Republic coverage here.

www.AZrecovery.gov is launched

Governor Brewer launched a new website dedicated to tracking and explaining how the Federal Stimulus Package dollars will be used and spread throughout Arizona.

The website can be found here and will be updated and people in Washington actually figure out the rules of using the money.

Eventually the website will provide:
  • A breakdown of all stimulus funds released to Arizona
  • Press releases regarding the Arizona portion of the stimulus package
  • Federal ARRA Press Releases
  • Search functions for data associated to the stimulus package
  • Applications for grants
Press Release in full form here.

Brewer rolls out new appointments

It looks like the top floors of the executive tower will have a little more foot traffic starting soon. Governor Brewer announced Director of Boards and Commissions, Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs, Policy Advisor on Regulatory Affairs, and the Deputy Director of Southern Arizona Office.

Here is the full Press Release with the names and details.

Brewer making the rounds Building a Better Arizona

Governor Brewer was out Wednesday among the business leaders selling her 5 point plan she is calling Building a Better Arizona.

Brewer explained to the group that the state right now is in a "state of catastrophe" which makes the temporary tax hike portion of her plan absolutely necessary. She also warned of more across the board education spending cuts which will definitely translate into more protests down at the capital.

She explained that the shortfall could grow to $13 Billion by 2014 even with money from the Federal Stimulus Package. Looking at all of the facts and figures, it's hard to dispute the Governors assertion that it will take a combination of 5 different things to solve this massive problem. Cuts, stimulus money, taxes, and spending reform measures to ensure this doesn't happen again are all things that are going to happen to get out of this mess.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

$4 Billion is our piece of the pie

Gov. Brewer, in a letter to President Obama, formally requested Arizona's share of the almost $800 Billion "stimulus package" which became law a month ago. That letter is the golden ticket because it translates into about $4 Billion for the state.

The money won't be in the bank tomorrow though as we have to request it for specific programs that qualify under the program. The state also doesn't ahve to take it all but can only take what was requested. In other words, as and you shall receive, but only if you decide you really want it.

With an ask deadline approaching this wasn't just a formality but a good idea. The package is what it is and even if you're like many in the crowd that hates it, it's better to get the money you're paying then see it go to pork projects in other states.

The Governors office is the lucky one here as she hit the $185 M Powerball and gets to use that amount to her discretion. It just has to be used on projects that create jobs and promote economic growth. I'm more than willing to take a job on the 9th floor for $50M a year and I promise to spend every dime of it in local shops. Not sure if that will fly but I wanted to put it out there.

Howie Fischer's Trib Article here.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Infighting or sqeeky wheel getting the grease?

The Republic had a story in the Valley and State this weekend with the title "Infighting divides Brewer, legislators." At first read I would think the 90 legislators down at the capital are in a war with the 9th floor.

By the third paragraph the fog starts to clear with the quote "the signs are everywhere of a rift between her and lawmakers of her own party." Okay, so this might be between the 9th floor and the Republican controlled House and Senate.

Then, I realize this centers on the 10 no votes on a bill to restore assistance for 18,000 Arizona children using Federal Dollars. Those 10 no votes happened to be Republican. They were upset that a letter was sent to those affected families warning that their child care support would be ending as of yesterday.

My view: This is a good thing. It just happens that Brewer Spokesman Paul Senseman agrees. He was quoted saying, "Clashes between the legislative and executive branch are built into the Constitution."

One thing that gives me comfort is that Brewer has worn both shoes so should know what the legislators may be feeling. The 2010 election is right around the corner and the Republicans on both sides need to be focused on getting this budget fixed or it's going to get easier and easier for the blame game to be elevated.

Brewer Appoints Policy Advisor for Tribal Affairs

Governor Brewer has announced the hiring of Katosha Nakai as Policy Advisory for Tribal Affairs.

March 16, 2009 (602) 542-1342

Governor Jan Brewer Announces
Policy Advisor for Tribal Affairs

PHOENIX - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer today announced an addition to her policy staff, naming Katosha Nakai as Policy Advisory for Tribal Affairs.

“Ms. Nakai possesses a deep understanding of the issues most important to Arizona’s Tribal Nations,” stated Brewer. “I am proud to add her to my staff, and I know her legal expertise and experience will serve my administration and the people of Arizona well.”

Prior to her appointment, Ms. Nakai worked as an associate at the law firm Lewis and Roca, where her practice focused primarily on government regulation, infrastructure and resource development. She has represented tribes across the country on a wide range of legal and economic development issues during her time with Lewis and Roca and with the American Indian College Fund, devoted to education issues confronting Indian Country. Her extensive legal career has included a clerkship with Chief Judge Mary M. Schroeder at the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, as well as experience with the Arizona Supreme Court Staff Attorneys’ Office, the Arizona District Court and as a law clerk to the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation Legal Department.

Before her legal career, Ms. Nakai worked as a television reporter, anchor and producer in both Oklahoma City and Minneapolis/St. Paul. She has also served as Media Coordinator for the National Marrow Donor Program and Communications Director for the American Indian College Fund and the Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning. She is very active in the community, boasting membership of many associations and boards, including serving as Commissioner of the Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, President of the Phoenix Indian Center Board of Directors and as a founding member of the Arizona Native American Bar Association.

Originally from Oklahoma, Ms. Nakai received her Juris Doctor from Arizona State University and has been published in several journals and magazines.

Copy of release here.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pullen for the Party

Republican State Chairman Randy Pullen responded to an email sent out by Americans for Tax Reform. You can check out his blog and response here.

If you read the response, you will see this isn't Pullen just responding so he gives the obligatory support to the Republican Governor. He makes a very valid point that we are in an unprecedented situation where decision makers are going to have to step up and be leaders. That means putting certain things on the line for the good of the state.

I've seen my fair share of campaign literature, mailers, TV spots and pep rally's. Never missing is the proverbial, "I want to serve the people and give back to the state that has given me so much." Now is the time to step up, make the hard decisions, and check your egos at the door.

And as my favorite new blog says, "FIX IT!!!"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Governor Brewer serious about the border

Governor Jan Brewer sent a letter to Defense Sec. Robert Gates requesting another 250 National Guard members to assist in anti-drug efforts and other security duties. There are currently 150 troops currently stationed along the border so while 400 troops is not a huge number, almost doubling the amount is a great step.

“Arizona on its own cannot and should not face the prospect of sustaining additional forces to address this federal matter,” wrote Brewer.

Arizona has been the one to bear the brunt of the costs that local police agencies face related to illegal immigration and drug smuggling from Mexico.

Napolitano had asked Washington to pay for sending troops to the border so it will be interesting to see if she helps out her former state of residence in providing some much needed money. After all, no one in Washington knows what we face more than she does.

Press Release Here
Letter to Sec. Gates Here

Brewer comments on BCS Championship Game in 2011

Statement by Governor Jan Brewer

Phoenix – “It is with excitement and civic pride that I extend my congratulations to the Fiesta Bowl Committee and the numerous business leaders and community volunteers that exercised tremendous teamwork in securing another National College Championship football game for the Valley. Today’s announcement by the Bowl Championship Series to award the Fiesta Bowl the title game in 2011 is a tremendous honor and wonderful compliment to our great state and my fellow residents of the City of Glendale. This will, no doubt, have a substantial positive economic impact that will be felt throughout Arizona. I laud the diligence and hard work of the Fiesta Bowl Committee and all those involved. Job well done!”


Release Here

Monday, March 9, 2009

What the Gov is up to this week

Public Schedule For Governor Jan Brewer
Week of March 9, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

• Breakfast event at Northern Arizona University
Governor to provide remarks
9:00 am, Applied Research and Development Building, Building #56, Corner of University and Knowles, Flagstaff

• Lunch event at Show Low City Council
Governor to provide remarks
11:30 am, Show Low City Council Chambers, 180 N. 9th Street, Show Low

Thursday, March 12, 2009

• Pinal County community leadership breakfast
Governor to provide keynote address
8:00am, Holiday Inn, 777 N. Pinal Ave, Casa Grande

• Frito Lay Plant cornerstone ceremony
10am, 1450 W. Maricopa Hwy, Casa Grande

• Sierra Vista civic and business leadership reception
Governor to provide keynote address
Noon, Holiday Inn, 1902 S. Highway 92, Sierra Vista

Friday, March 13, 2009

• Southern Arizona Leadership Council luncheon
Governor to provide keynote address
Noon, Tucson Country Club, 2950 N. Camino Principal, Tucson


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fix It!!!

Someone just sent me a link to a blog that just popped up. Check it out and more importantly, send in some ideas.

AZGOP Backs Brewer Budget Plan

Looks like the State GOP is already backing Governor Brewer's plan for the state.


Phoenix, AZ – Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, today expressed his support and that of the Arizona Republican Party of Governor Jan Brewer’s long term spending reform package. Commenting on the Governor’s address, Pullen said: “Years of excess spending and government growth have led to a structural budget deficit amounting to the tune of over $13 billion.”

“Governor Brewer showed real leadership today as she painted an accurate and truthful picture of the budget challenges in Arizona,” said Pullen. “This crisis is the legacy of Janet Napolitano. The days of runaway spending and big government are over here in Arizona, as are the days of rainbow revenue projections. As Governor Brewer stated ‘…we cannot afford the size of government we now have…’”

Pullen continued, “Governor Brewer has outlined a balanced proposal to solve this economic crisis. Real spending cuts and elimination of accounting gimmicks can and will restore fiscal sanity to Arizona. Her message emphasizes tough and permanent cuts of $1 billion per year to current and future spending as well as cutting Proposition 105 programs that have caused excessive spending growth that were never the intention of Arizona voters.

“Even a billion dollars of spending cuts and a billion dollars of federal stimulus money a year over the next three years may not provide for a stable and balanced budget. Governor Brewer has called for a public vote on temporary tax increases, if necessary, to bridge the gap, but only after all other avenues of budget reductions have been exhausted.”

Governor Brewer further called for tax reduction that will begin in 2012 as part reform of a reform and modernization of Arizona’s tax structure. “We need a tax structure that promotes job growth, job sustainability, investment, and revenue stability,” said Governor Brewer in her joint legislative address.

“The Governor’s balanced, thoughtful approach shows that she transcends partisan politics and is willing to roll-up her sleeves and go to work for the families of Arizona. The Arizona Republican Party stands ready to work with Governor Brewer and Republican legislative leadership on thoughtful, creative solutions to our fiscal challenges and innovative constitutional reforms that will reduce government spending.”

Brewer presents 5 Point Plan...Gould disappoints

Governor Jan Brewer presented to a joint session yesterday a 5 point plan to fix the mess Arizona has found itself in. The plan includes the following.

  • Spending cuts of $1 Billion in fiscal 2010
  • Reform the budget process that will limit the Legislature's ability to raid special state funds while doubling the size of the state's "rainy day" fund and restrict it to only fiscal emergencies.
  • Amend the 1998 Voter Protection Act allowing legislators to cut or redirect funding from voter approved programs. (Brewer used the example of how the state must spend $20 million to address urban sprawl).
  • Reform the state tax code with tax cuts beginning in 2012.
  • Temporary tax increase for 2 or 3 years generating $1B a year. This would have to be done by referring it to the voters since a tax increase requires 2/3 of the legislature to approve and 1/3 have signed the no tax pledge.
The last one is going to be the most controversial but will need the greatest amount of "coming together" to figure out the best way to accomplish it. Everyone with ideas is welcome at the table and will need to come with their A game.

Evident by the actions of people like Sen. Ron Gould, who decided to walk out of the chamber mid-speech when Brewer mentioned raising taxes, this won't be easy. I'm personally disappointed at this. Come up with a plan of your own and present it if you disagree. Being disrespectful is not professional and it really looks bad when you're not doing anything yourself.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reminder for the big day today

March 4, 2009 (602) 542-1342


Governor Jan Brewer to Address Joint Session
Of the 49th Arizona State Legislature

PHOENIX – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will address a joint session of the 49th Arizona State Legislature at which time she will present her proposals to improve Arizona’s current fiscal condition. The joint session of Representatives and Senators will convene on Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. in the Arizona House of Representatives.

WHO: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer at Joint Session of the 49th Arizona State Legislature

WHAT: Governor to address Arizona’s current fiscal condition

WHERE: Arizona House of Representatives
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

WHEN: Wednesday, March 4, 2009
4:00 p.m.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Brewer to speak to Joint Session

Governor Brewer has called for a rare joint session on Wednesday to address what could be "catastrophic" financial situations in the state.

Brewer is expected to provide some details and possible plans as things appear to stay this bleak through 2012. Those details could include temporary tax increases and easing of certain voter-approved programs that have made budget cuts more difficult.

Something must be done and it's good to see the governor has a plan, whether the most popular idea or not.

What's on the calendar for this week?

Public Schedule For Governor Jan Brewer

Week of March 2, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

• Governor to address a Joint Session of the 49th Arizona State Legislature
4:00 pm - Arizona House of Representatives
1700 West Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Thursday, March 5, 2009

• Governor to meet with Yavapai County community and business leaders
1:00 pm - Governor to provide remarks
City of Prescott Council Chambers
201 S. Cortez Street, Prescott, AZ 86303