Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Statement from Gov. Brewer regarding school choice

The Supreme Court ruled today that school vouchers for foster and disabled children violate the State Constitution and therefore must stop. Governor Brewer released this statement regarding the news today.

Statement by Governor Jan Brewer

Arizona Supreme Court Ruling on School Vouchers for Foster Children and Disabled Children

Phoenix – “As a long-time supporter of school choice, it is heartbreaking for me to think of the challenges that are now faced by foster parents and the parents of disabled children to locate a different educational program than the one they have already selected. Clearly, these parents identified these educational programs as the best environment for their children. I will encourage the Legislature to work closely with me to accommodate the needs of these children in the development of a process that will meet the legal requirements of the Arizona Constitution.

“This decision today will not be the end of school choice in Arizona. We are a nationally recognized leader in school choice, the school tax credits remain, and we will continue to provide every opportunity to empower parents to make the best decisions for their children.”


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