Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Drive Safe and SLOW Down on I-10 and I-40

We want to wish everyone a very safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend. If you are one of the lucky heading out of town, or to the malls for Black Friday, it might be easier to drive a little slower- or more costly if you have a lead foot.

The Janet Cams will be out in force throughout the weekend.
The entire fleet of 42 Speed Vans and the 20 or so fixed cameras will be adding pictures to your family photo album if you are driving 10 MPH or more over the speed limit.

Happy Turkey Day and Black Friday to everyone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2010 Watch

We're combing through the rumor mills, news stories, and blogs to give you the latest on the Governor's race in 2010.

Now that it appears that Governor Napolitano will be leaving to head up Department of Homeland Security, Republicans are starting to look like they will coalesce behind Jan Brewer in 2010 if she does decide to run as the seated Governor. This may mean a clear primary path for Brewer as the Dems fight to determine a contender. Ironically, this would be a reverse of the typical heated Republican Primary with the Democratic candidate skating to the General.

Here is the short list of likely Dems to challenge Brewer:

Phil Gordon - Phoenix Mayor
Jim Pederson - Businessman
Terry Goddard - Attorney General

There has been some questions lately of if Mayor Gordon would seek Attorney General to give Goddard a clear shot at the post. Its not clear if there are any deals in the works or how the office races would shake out or how many of the Republican Gubernatorial challengers would now set their sights on the Secretary of State's position.

If you have any juicy gossip or more information, please let us know at

Media and Dems Predict Impending Darkness on the Horizon

Espresso Pundit has a great aricle about the fears that have arisen from having Republicans at the helm of the legislature and the Governor's office. The imagery of the impending hoarde of Mordor coming to take back the bastion of hope and tranqulity that has been ruled by Napolitano seems to fit well with their ccontant warnings of what may come.

The doom and gloom coverage continues in the Republic with "Uneasiness grows over how Brewer might cut budget." What is interesting is that according the media, the budget shortfall and the problems that have come along with it are now a reality, but they have never truly placed blame for the problem in the first place. Several months ago, everyone expressed their concerns about the budget, but very few in the media have placed the blame squarely on Napolitano.

Now, the budget problems have come home to roost, and Jan Brewer may end up being the bad guy by making the cuts that are needed to balance the budget. In some ways, if Napolitano decides to leave, she will have gotten off relatively light compared to the systemic problems that are currently found in her budget.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting to know Jan Brewer

The Arizona Republic gives a little insight into the life and politics of Secretary of State Jan Brewer. They give a little bit of the personal touch along with some background on her history. Since a lot of people around Arizona are probably not as familiar with Brewer, this is likely the first insight into the would-be Governor. On the other hand, The Tucson Citizen and Daily Star want you to know that they have concerns.

There is also speculation as to the future of the "Janet Cams" under the potential Brewer Administration after a Redflex employee dismissed an inquiry from the Secretary of State earlier this year via post-it note.

How long would Napolitano stay?

Although Governor Napolitano continues to get the star treatment and the long good-byes, its not clear how soon she might actually step out the door, if she decides to leave. There are still some factors at play, including the fact that she still has not been formally announced. However, the large majority of the media and many around Arizona seem to be resigned to the fact that Napolitano is leaving.

In the face of the current Arizona budget crisis, some belive that the time cannot come quick enough for her to leave. However, there are others who belive that she will stay until she is actually confirmed. This would put a damper on Republican's hopes of having a more friendly Republican Governor to deal with during the budget talks.

The question is: how long can she stick around before people start thinking that she has worn out her welcome? It is true that she is a popular Governor, but people tend to want breakups to be quick, not something that is allowed to fester over time. If its announced that she is leaving, how long can she govern as a "lame duck" when its clear that someone is around the corner to take her place?

It makes sense that she would like to clean up the budget mess before she leaves town, so she doesn't look like she is walking away from a problem. Would she still be the media darling if she looks like the one standing in the way?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Leaving on a positive note

Even noted Napolitano critic Representative Russell Pearce is saying nice things about the Governor as she gets tapped for the Homeland Security Job. Although Napolitano also came to Pearce's defence during the Primary Election, don't expect these two to be sharing an ice cream sundae anytime soon. Pearce couldn't help but give a backhanded compliment:

"I think she's a good person to have in that office," he said Thursday afternoon. "But I say that recognizing that this is a radically left-leaning administration."

The kinds words will continue to flow from friends and critics alike as Napolitano ponders her future. The Tribune has already put together a slideshow celebrating Napolitano through the years. You can almost hear "Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday" playing in the background as you click through.

Howie Fischer must be exhausted

Republicans aren't the only ones jumping for joy at the idea of Governor Napolitano leaving to take a job in Washington. Capitol Media Services' Howie Fischer has already started making a cottage industry about writing about the transition:

Brewer known as tight-fisted, partisan

Napolitano often critical of Homeland Security

Republican lawmakers aim to work on budget

Three stories since the news broke yesterday. His keyboard must be smoldering. Expect the news to continue to flow through an official announcement from Napolitano and the ensuing transition that would have to be made by Team Brewer. What is typically a slow month for Capitol reporters may have just become a whole lot busier.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Changes in influence?

Politicker has a couple of interesting articles covering the potential switch in Governorship:

Brewer will be the 5th Secretary of State to become Governor

McCain congratulates Napolitano on possible DHS offer

Speaking of Politicker, it will be interesting to see if they change their influence list. As we pointed out, there were 5 out of the top 10 who were Napolitano insiders. At the time, we said:

"It will be interesting to see if the top of this list changes after the November election. If the Governor is successful in her initiatives and her handpicked candidates win, you'd expect to see even more on the list. If Obama wins and she makes tracks for DC, you have to wonder if their influence will diminish."

Clearly, the Governor was not successful in her initiatives and her handpicked candidates did not win. It looks now like she is going to make tracks to take a spot in Obama's cabinet. What does that do of the influence of the people who were on her staff? What about the lobbyists on the list who used the Governor to get a leg up? As the Napolitano train leaves town, what becomes of their influence? Also, who's influence will increase with the ascension of Jan Brewer?

Governor Brewer?

The notion of Governor Jan Brewer has the local Democrats lamenting. Here is the initial fall-out from the news that Napolitano may be leaving:

Random Musings: I *really* hope that CNN is wrong on this one..

Man Eegee: This makes me physically ill.

Daniel's News and Views: Napolitano should say 'no, thanks' on DHS Secretary

RRR: Gack…Governor Brewer?

It's Official....sort of

Well, as we've been saying for a while now- Janet Napolitano will be cutting her stay in Arizona short in exchange for a chance to serve in the historic Obama administration.

CNN first broke the story that Janet will be named the new Secretary of Homeland Security. Her office and people are still being quiet about it but I'm sure we'll get full confirmation and all the juicy details shortly.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Janet's Choice: Will she settle for a showdown in 2010?

It looks like Holder has been tapped for AG. Some believe that he is being floated out to take the heat as the first Obama appointee paving an easier way for the others. However, the much more likely scenario is that the transition team has secured his place and the job is his.

Two former Clinton guys does not a change make, add Hillary Clinton to the mix as Secretary of State, and there may be some concern among his changelings. Napolitano and Richardson may help deflect some of these concerns.

However, the choice may have gotten more difficult for Janet. If she is willing to stay here and receive the concilitary note and JLBC report from Speaker-Elect Burns, she would be primed to take on McCain for the Senate Seat in 2010. We would certainly expect a lot of help from the Obama camp in that race, taking on his former opponent. If Janet can show she can also take on and beat the Republican Presidential Candidate in his own state, it may help her national cred.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Janet's Choice: Perhaps Homeland Security or Energy

It appears that Obama's push for Holder as Attorney General is gaining steam. Since we saw the report from MSNBC earlier today, the story has been picked up by several other news outlets:

Yahoo: Holder accepts Obama Justice offer: senior Democrat

NBC: Holder tagged for attorney general

CNN: Obama chooses Eric Holder to be Attorney General

Fox News: Eric Holder Being Vetted as Obama Attorney General

Now, the question is, can Holder withstand the Senate confirmation and his part in pardoning millionaire fugitive Marc Rich? They are likely letting this leak now so that there is time to vette the story through the media and allow his part in that scandal to be softened by the media's kind treatment of Obama and the inspirational story of the first African American Attorney General.

Where does this leave Napolitano? Its likely that she was aware of the pick, and her reaction over the next day or so will likely tell us if they have a different spot in mind for her within the Cabinet.

Janet's Choice: Are options cooling off?

Espresso Pundit suggests that the SNL treatment of Governor Napolitano combined with her reputation of not being a team player will hurt her chances of being appointed to Obama's cabinet.

Newsweek/MSNBC is also reporting that Eric Holder has the inside track for Attorney General in a story that fails to even mention Napolitano. Though she is still being bandied about as a name for Homeland Security.

However, here at home, Napolitano continues to foster change by appointing the 1st Hispanic for the top post in the Arizona National Guard and was able to receive some kudos for taking the time to engage the state budget problem.

It feels like a collective breath is being held across the state to see what will happen next.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Governor about to take some tough scrutiny

Napolitano is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the reauthorization of ADEQ. She went out on a limb last year with efforts to increase emission standards and taking part in the Western Climate initiative. Now, ADEQ faces sunset at the legislature and they are taking their pound of flesh for her circumventing them last year.

Also, the Governor has offered up her suggestions to fix the budget gap including selling lottery revenue and pushing off agency expenses. It is reported that the spending suspensions could save up to $300 million, however, it does not appear that Napolitano has offered up any actual cuts. She is also banking on $50 million in revenue from the speed cameras, which comes out to the issuing of at least 277,777 speeding tickets (not including the cost Arizona is paying to the operators).

Combined with the impression of some that Napolitano is preparing her departure, it is likely that the scrutiny will only increase over the next few weeks.

Live from New York...

Governor Janet Napolitano has made it big - still no news about the Obama cabinet - but she was parodied on Saturday Night Live. Kristen Wiig came out during host Paul Rudd's monologue wearing a pantsuit and a wig with a gray patch. Rudd tried to convince the audience that the new parodies would be just as good as Fey's Palin impression.

We are still trying to find the video online for your own judgement, but Wiig has a good starting point on her Napolitano (ETA, you can see the video here). Napolitano should be flattered, at least she isn't being played by Will Ferrell like former Attorney General Janet Reno.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Musical Chairs - Goddard as Governor?

Sonoran Alliance is encouraging everyone to get familiar with Article 5, Section 6, of the Arizona Constitution so we can all follow along with the order of succession if Napolitano decides to leave. If she does decide to leave, Secretary of State Jan Brewer would become governor and she would then be able to name her replacement as Secretary of State. Though not limited to pick someone of her own party, one would assume that Brewer would appoint a Republican.

Former Congressman and radio host JD Hayworth offered up an interesting and much more convoluted scenario which would yield a very different result. You can listen for yourself by clicking on this link and then going to about the 10 minute mark.

He illustrates a scenario in which Senator John McCain would be offered a position in Obama's "postpartisan" cabinet. If McCain took it, Napolitano would then appoint a Republican to fill his seat. Napolitano could then pick Secretary of State Jan Brewer. Then Napolitano would then be free to leave to join the Obama administation elevating Attorney General Terry Goddard to Governor.

To expand on this, Goddard could then appoint whomever he wanted to AG and Secretary of State. One would assume he would elevate Democrats to both of those positions.

While highly unlikely, it is an interesting scenario. However, this would be predicated on the fact that McCain would be willing to go work for Obama (which seems doubtful) and that the Obama administration would want two high profile Arizonans on the Cabinet.

Janet's Choice: The New York Times Treatment

We launched "Janet's Choice" to follow Governor Napolitano's decision on if she will stay in Arizona and serve out her term or if she will go to Washington and join Obama's Administration. We'll continue to follow this story until an official decision is made.

Governor Napolitano has now received the New York Times treatment profiled as a "potential member of the administration." They have her listed as a candidate for both Attorney General and Homeland Security.

In addition, the article touts Napolitano's popularity in Arizona and her "nonpartisanship." In the baggage department, the article does not mention the current $1 billion deficit in the state or any of the trouble she has had trying to increase her influence in the current election. The Times calls her endorsement of Obama "crucial," bucking the Clintons in the early part of the Primary season.

As more of these profiles pop up, it lends credence to the notion that the administration is ramping up their picks and trying to tell their story prior to making formal announcements.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Napolitano Going to Washington!

While that headline may appear soon announcing a permanent trip to Washington, this Janet trip will be a short one.

Napolitano is in Washington D.C this week to appear in front of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce to ask them to approve a public works program similar to the ones put forth in the 1930's.

She'll also be asking for more Federal dollars for Medicaid programs the states use to provide free health care for the needy.

While she continues to navigate questions regarding a Cabinet Appointment, she did open up with "I'm obviously always willing to serve my state and my country." She does not have any plans to meet with President-Elect Obama while in Washington but I'm sure this trip doesn't dim the spotlight on her appointment possibilities.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Janet's Choice: Napolitano serious contender for AG

We are launching "Janet's Choice" to follow Governor Napolitano's decision on if she will stay in Arizona and serve out her term or if she will go to Washington and join Obama's Administration. We'll continue to follow this story until an official decision is made.

According to Politico, as reported by Politicker, Napolitano's name is one that is coming up most frequently as a candidate for AG. She is also still being floated for Homeland Security and Secretary of Education. One would guess that she would jump at AG, its not clear if she would leave for the other two.

However, her decision may be a little bit easier, with the observation that conservatives did well in Arizona and Team Napolitano's efforts to bring more moderates and dems to the legislature was roundly rejected. It also may be to her and the rest of the Democrat's advantage to sit back and let the Republicans figure the shortfall out. Just like with the transportation tax initiative, she may end up winning again by losing.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Traffic Cameras inspire

On the lighter side, someone sent along this new store touting Napolitano's traffic cameras which are popping up all over Arizona. it will be hilarious if someone gets their picture taken sporting one of these. We're tempted to buy a 50 pack and send them to the legislature.

Mum's the word

"Seal up your lips and give no words but mum."

- Shakespeare in Henry VI, Part 2

The Battle of St. Albans that ends Henry VI part 2 appears to be a very fitting source for the quote for the current silence of Governor Napolitano on her future plans. In the first battle of St. Albans, was the first battle in the war of the roses. With the help of allies, the Duke of York defeated the Duke of Somerset and also caputured King Henry VI. York then appointed himself Constable of England and had complete power.

In the modern version, with the help of allies like Napolitano, Obama has vanquished his foe and captured complete power away from a failing leader. In both cases, the men were able to place who they wanted in positions of power. However, Obama gets to be the leader in title and in spirit, while Richard of York came close as protector of the realm, but never wore the crown. Richard's power and influence continued for many years, two of his sons served as king, Edward IV and Richard III. His great granddaughter is Margaret Tudor - the mother of the Tudor Dynasty.

We spread this wiki-knowledge to make a point about the far-reaching potential of Obama and his legacy. The fundamental question is: would it be better to bring the proclaimed "best and brightest" of the Dems to Washington to help bring his change, or should he leave them in their home states to try to build power locally?

Napolitano is the epitome of this conundrum. By all accounts, she is a rising star among the party and she has been popular at home. The Republic says that she has earned a spot, and for the most part, they have encouraged her to go to Washington. Tedski disagrees saying that she should stay and run for the Senate in 2010.

Which direction would give Obama a chance to turn his victory into a legacy?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Republic makes case for Napolitano

The Arizona Republic is now openly lobbying for a cabinet position for Janet Napolitano. In sort of a preemptive farewell, they have taken to touting her experience and the fact that she has earned a spot.

This type of lobbying doesn't usually happen on its own, nor does it make it into the paper without some sort of inkling of what is to come. Even the Boston Herald says that Napolitano has not committed to staying in Arizona. When a local story starts to gather a little bit of national attention and the home town newspaper is putting in a good word, more and more signs are pointing to her departure.

Especially with the Legislature going even more Republican and electing leaders that are less likely to cut a deal, the temptation to leave must be pretty great. Some are saying that its a done deal if she is offered Homeland Security or Attorney General.

Uniting the Republican Party?

Nathan Sproul, the guy behind mudslinging so heinous that Janet Napolitano defended Russell Pearce against it, is now looking for people to help him unite the Republican Party. Here is a copy of the email from Sonoran Alliance:

From: Nathan Sproul
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 12:07 PM
To: ‘Tim J. Casey’; ‘Hugh Hallman’; ‘Sean Noble’; ‘Mike Haller’; ‘Kirk Adams’; ‘Lisa James’; ‘Andrew C. Pacheco’; ‘Jose Esparza’; ‘Jason LeVecke‘; ‘Cathi Herrod’; ‘Steve Voeller’; ‘Kevin Demenna
Subject: Party Leadership


I have spoken to or emailed many of you privately about my concerns for the future of our Party. Specifically, how does our Party in Arizona become a party that unites fiscal and social conservatives to put forward an agenda that moves Arizona in the right direction.

One of the most important aspects of this is electing a State Party Chairman who unites all factions of the Republican Party. I know this is extremely late notice, but I would like to invite each of you to join me for lunch at Monti’s on the corner of Rio Salado and Mill to discuss the future of our Party. I am paying for lunch, but as they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Please let me know if your schedule permits you to attend. Thank you.

Nathan Sproul

Lincoln Strategy Group
80 East Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 814
Tempe, Arizona 85281

Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen's term is about to expire. After the very open and public chairman race that split the party last time around, it makes sense that Republicans would like to bring people together to try to make a smoother transition. However, its interesting that this effort would be driven by the people who did some of the nastiest attacks on fellow Republicans. Also, it should be noted, that his rump group doesn't include any of the people in the base who elected Pullen last time around. Here is the breakdown of the email list:

Tim J. Casey - Lawyer
Hugh Hallman - Mayor of Tempe
Sean Noble - Shadegg's Chief of Staff
Mike Haller - Flake Staffer
Kirk Adams - Speaker of the House
Lisa James - PR person and candidate for Chair in 2006
Andrew C. Pacheco - Lawyer, former AG candidate who lost to Thomas
Jose Esparza - Southwest Gas, Arizona Latino Republican Association
Jason LeVecke - Fast Food Franchiser, Patron of several of Sproul's failed initiatives
Cathi Herrod - Center for Arizona Policy
Steve Voeller - Arizona Free Enterprise Club
Kevin Demenna - Lobbyist

We understand that it is an open invitation to these people, but we do wonder if this is a group that has met before or if its a collection of like minded people. With Sproul's name being mud in the immigration debates, it would be interesting to see if Adams, Hallman, Shadegg or Flake are going to publicly support his efforts.

With a potential open Governor's seat in 2010, both parties want to be ready for a heated battle. The questions some Republicans are asking is if Sproul is the one who should lead the charge.

Consultants Gone Wild!!

It continues to be a bad month for Napolitano and those surrounding her. Espresso Pundit broke an excellent story yesterday about an email that politico (and former Janet appointed Deputy Director of the AZ Dept. of Commerce) Joe Yuhas sent to Rep. Kyrsten Sinema who finished second in her race along with her Dem colleague Rep. Lujan.

An email from a consultant to a legislative candidate isn’t something to normally post on…except when the email is confirmation of potentially illegal activity.

Sinema commented to Espresso Pundit that the email was unsolicited and was not followed up on or discussed further. It’s always interesting how these emails leak out and it causes one to question if this was the only one sent that day.

Regardless of whether this was isolated, there is the potential of illegal activity. Some would say it might be karma considering that at the time the email was sent there was talk of a potential Democrat swing in the House only to get to Election Day and lose 3 seats in the House and 1 in the Senate.

There are ways to “propel” people into leadership roles and breaking the law certainly isn’t one.

Here’s a copy of the email.
------ Forwarded Message
*From: *Joe Yuhas
*Date: *Wed, 29 Oct 2008 17:48:06 -0700
*To: *Kyrsten Sinema
*Conversation: *Legislative IEs
*Subject: *Legislative IEs

Knowing of your obvious interest in the legislative races around the state,
I want to CONFIDENTIALLY share with you an effort we're carrying out on
behalf of "Arizonans for a Healthy Economy"-the Professional Firefighters of
Arizona-led IE that involves a number of progressive organizations. Feel
free to pass on-but DISCREETLY-to colleagues you deem most appropriate.

Tim Hill and Bill Whitaker have done a great job here, and we have really
appreciated being a part of the effort. Of course, my *personal* hope is
that this also helps propel you and others into the leadership role we
desperately need.

These TV spots on running fairly heavy on cable TV systems across the state.
In Yuma, we're also on broadcast local stations.

To view the ads:
1. Go to
2. In the upper right corner, click on "Sign In"
a. Username is: az4he
b. Password is: firefighter (all lowercase)
3. Once you are logged in, on the upper right, click on "Account"
4. Click on "My Videos"
5. All videos will be available - they are titled by Legislative
District. Press play for each of the videos you would like to view.

Essentially, you will see the same ad-a "template" designed to reduce both
production costs and thereby limit the tripping of additional Clean Election
dollars for the opposition.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions
Joe Yuhas
*Partner and Executive Director - Public Affairs*
T: 602-462-2203
C: 602-410-3343

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mending fences before she leaves??

Governor Napolitano, in what may be her last official act as Arizona Governor, has called a special lame duck session to address what she now admits is a $1.2 Billion hole in the budget.  

This isn't just a blip on the radar and it will be very interesting to watch how those legislators who are cleaning out their offices this week react.  Will they hold their allegiances now that there are few political ramifications?  

Contrary to what's being said, Janet's change of direction on the special session seems to be political given the fact that a few of her original budget supporters will not be back in January to be on her side.  The fact that she might not be here in January I'm sure also weighed heavily on her decision.  This somewhat frees her from the black cloud of massive budget shortfalls or the perception that she's leaving the state and the new legislature high and dry for greener pastures.  

2010 Watch

We're combing through the rumor mills, news stories, and blogs to give you the latest on the Governor's race in 2010.

With Napolitano named to Obama's transition team, the question remains on if she will stay in Arizona. While Dems fear a Brewer administration,
there are questions on if Brewer would be a lock on the 2010 nomination with so many potential Republicans who want to throw their hat in the ring. Politicker has also put together their short list of possible candidates for Governor in 2010.

Here is their short list:

Phil Gordon - Phoenix Mayor
Jim Pederson - Businessman
Harry Mitchell - Congressman
Terry Goddard - Attorney General
Johnny Basha - Businessman

Jan Brewer - Secretary of State
Mary Peters - U.S. Secretary of Transportation
John Shadegg - Congressman
Andrew Thomas - Maricopa County Attorney
JD Hayworth - Former Congressman
Dean Martin - State Treasurer
John Munger - Tucson lawyer and former GOP Chairman

Currently, the only one who appears to be missing from the Politicker list is Sheriff Joe Arpaio who will probably make his regular flirt with the office, especially after holding off a tough competitor and winning handily. He may ride his "this not my last campaign" as far as it will go.

If you have any juicy gossip or more information, please let us know at

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Napolitano on Obama Transition team - speculation begins

In the day after the election, Governor Napolitano has been named to President-Elect Barack Obama's transition team. And as we have mentioned before, the speculation has already started. Over the next few weeks, we'll be treated to the will she, won't she - Ross and Rachel type talk.

With a billion dollar shortfall looming at home and a chance to get in on the ground floor of the ballsy-named administration, the indicators don't appear to be good for Janet fans here at home. We have reports stating that she is saying that she will be staying put. However, it would seem foolish for her not to jump at the AG or Homeland Security post if it were offered to her.

More bumps in the road for the Governor's team

While there is definite celebration by Democrats nationally, there was not as much to cheer for here at home in Arizona. It was speculated that the Governor's decisive vistory in 2006 and the larger turnout for Obama would allow Democrats to make some major headway in Arizona. So far, its not looking so good for Team Napolitano.

First, her hand picked candidate for Maricopa County Attorney General, Tim Nelson, was beaten out by Andrew Thomas by a 51.6% to 44.1% margin.

Second, bolstered by warnings from some Republicans about the Democrats' chances, they had a strategy to focus a lot of money on "swing" districts in an attempt to get a majority in the State House. Long story short, their effort fell flat and the Republicans appear to be poised to gain back a couple of seats that were lost after 2006.

Third, a week or two before the election, Napolitano's popularity along with democratic efforts to drive turnout were supposed to be able to make Arizona competitive. In fact, a week before the election, Obama and McCain were supposed to be neck and neck - thus, embarassing Senator McCain and boosting Dem's chances of taking the Senate seat in 2010. McCain was able to take Arizona with a 53.7% to 45.1% spread - gathering 1,012,878 votes in 2008 to the 959,830 that Napolitano got in 2006. That's more than 53,000 more votes than Napolitano in her landslide victory.

Finally, Prop 101, the healthcare initiative she decided to take on after the failure of her transportation and state trust land initiatives failed, is still too close to call. To her credit, it looks like her wish might come true and the initiative may meet narrow defeat despite the missteps of her No campaign.

All in all, the boldness and the scope and depth of these plans should certainly be commended. However, it doesn't look like the efforts combined with the failed primary efforts to secure moderate Republicans has succeeded.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Will she stay or will she go?

Election Day is finally here. Recent surveys and other indicators ( already calling the race for Obama according to their map) show that Obama is likely the next President of the United States. So, then the question really becomes "Does Governor Napolitano stay or does she go?"

Team Napolitano's hype machine has fired back up giving her credit for putting the Dems before the Republicans on the ballot this year. They are also setting her up as a major factor in swing districts such as District 12 the day before the election. Is this to make sure that she leaves on a high note, or is it an attempt to build her clout for a Senate run in 2010?

Though she was skipped in Obama's infomercial, she has been out stumping for him across the country and is still on the cabinet list. She is also being hailed as a winner in this election because she was an early Obama supporter and helped bolster his campaign and help it gain credibility.

Anyway, on the day of one of the biggest elections in modern history, the Presidency will likely be decided, but it will most likely create murkiness here in Arizona.