Friday, July 18, 2008

Governor's Friends are Big Winners

PolictickerAZ has announced their influence list of the top insiders in Arizona. Many of the Friends of Janet Napolitano made it on the list, especially in high positions:

1. Dennis Burke
2. Jim Pederson
5. David Waid
6. Tom Ziemba
9. Noah Kroloff
11. Bill Roe
23. Don Bivens
26. Jose Cardenas
38. Andrew Gordon

Clearly, this list is hit and miss, but its important to note that in the mind of the folks at Politicker, 6 out of the top 10 influential people in Arizona are held by Democrats, almost all with direct connections to the Governor. In all, their influence list appears to have 28 Republicans, 17 Democrats, and 5 mystery (as in we don't know about them enough to guess). A couple of people of note who appear to be missing: Jason Rose, Barrett Marson, Emily DeRose, and Mac Magruder. There are probably a dozen others who should be on the list as well.

It will be interesting to see if the top of this list changes after the November election. If the Governor is successful in her intiatives and her handpicked candidates win, you'd expect to see even more on the list. If Obama wins and she makes tracks for DC, you have to wonder if their influence will diminish.

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Tony GOPrano said...

No wonder! That Blog is a democrat Blog. They hired the former state dem party chair. That told me plenty....