Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An early view of 2010?

Phoenix Mayor is taking on Sheriff Joe Arpaio again. Both have been rumored to be running for Governor in 2010. Sheriff Joe goes as far as to claim that Mayor Gordon's latest criticisms are an attempt to get press for his future run.

Of course, when anyone else but the sheriff talks to the media, they have some sort of agenda. With Mayor Gordon as a Democrat and Sheriff Joe as a Republican, are we seeing an early view of a 2010 General Election showdown?

Some believe that Gordon would not be able to survive a primary against Terry Goddard. There are also questions on if the immigration platform (see Goldwater, Don) can translate to a statewide victory in a Republican primary. However, this conflict does seem to have a greater connotation beyond the Sheriff going town to town picking on local officials on their immigration policy.

Hands down, it would be the most heated General contest.

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