Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Looks like there is even more trouble for Napolitano's TIME initiative. It just clocked in with over a 49% failure rating. This will probably get a little bit better as they go through the list a second time, but its certainly not the gangbusters approval one would hope for an initiative that is supposed to be garnering wide range support. One would assume that is why they will likely sue to make sure that their initiative stays on the ballot. Its going to be a hard case to make when they fall short of the signature count and their support from the community is luke warm at best.

Case in point, the Page City Council was only able to muster up begruding support of the TIME initiative at their last meeting. Rumor is that the initiative is not very friendly to the rural communities and there is a lot of fear about how high their sales taxes can rise. Places like Page are never really going to see the benefit of a billion dollar train thats starts at the border and ends somewhere around Prescott. Its probably hard for them to get motivated to support.

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