Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Friends of Janet in Trouble

There is a group that has been launched to support several of the Republicans who helped the Governor get her budget passed last time around. The group is paying for commercials and signs to help their candidates. They are even using the Republican symbol to help their cause.

The problem is, the RNC and the Arizona Republican Party have asked them to stop. In fact, they have filed a cease and desist. The Friends of Janet Napolitano's budget that have been mentioned so far are Pete Hershberger and Tom O'Halleran. The same group has also set their sights on Russell Pearce, promoting his opponent Kevin Gibbons.

The Sonoran Alliance have asked for photoshop's of Pete Hershberger's sign that are more accurate to his positions. Here is our favorite so far:

Russell Pearce supporters have followed suit with their own contest. Here is one of the funny ones so far:

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