Thursday, August 14, 2008

Governor defends Pearce?

Check out the window. Are pigs flying? First, the Arizona Republic defends Russell Pearce against personal attacks, and now Governor Napolitano is following suit.

According to the Political Insider, Napolitano said:

"I am concerned about tone. Do I support Russell Pearce? No. But I think there are ways to talk to voters about that without the personal attacks."

Now bear in mind, they are not saying that they support Russell Pearce or his policies. What they are really saying is that the people who are using personal attacks to go after him have crossed the line.

Apparently, there is a line that can be crossed.

Now, the question is, when campaign finance come due in the next week or two, are any of Napolitano's supporters going to be on the donation list to the committees doing the personal attacks?

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