Monday, August 18, 2008

More Napolitano wheeling and dealing

Governor Napolitano has cut a deal with Honeywell to divert $1 million of their fine for polluting to her pet project, the Western Climate Initiative. This story was first broken by Espresso Pundit and has since by picked up by the Tribune and others.

Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce takes the Governor to task saying that the money should be used for environmental projects impacted by the pollution, instead of Napolitano's hand picked projects. You can read Pierce's letter here also thanks to Espress Pundit.

This is the latest example of a deal coming public that may have made it outside of Napolitano's spin machine. Between this and the secret deal with the Homebuilders that seems like it will never die, she doesn't appear to be doing as good of a job of either a) masking her agenda or b) selling the state on her big ideas.

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