Monday, August 11, 2008


The Governor's Transportation initiative has been disqualified from the ballot. As we reported last week, the plan was in trouble following a miserable validation rate. The Secretary of State reports that the initiative falls 15,000 short of the signatures they needed. Bet the folks from the transportation initiative now feel silly about rejecting the Homebuilders and their 16,000 signatures.

Also mentioned in the article rejecting the signatures is Tom Ziemba, who happens to be one of the Governor's friends that scored very high on Politicker's influence list. Wonder what this type of crushing defeat will do to his influence scale next year.

One would bet that the transportation people will look to sue to try to get their issue on the ballot. Even then, this whole thing does not direct well on the Governor. It smacks of another reason she would consider leaving if Obama wins.

Looks like the State Trust initiative might be the Governor's only hope to salvage this cycle.

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