Friday, August 29, 2008

A question to the Home builders

A quick look at the transportation initiative campaign finance report shows that the committee raised about $1.1 million and spent a little over $1 million on their petition gathering effort. In all, the committee paid $617,323.69 to Petition Partners and $324,682.23 to Ziemba Waid.

The committee only received $27,129.34 from the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona. As we have pointed out, they feel that they have met their obligation through the donation and the signatures. Ironically at the time, their campaign said:

"Tom Ziemba, the campaign consultant, criticized Wilhelm's decision to do her own petition circulating. Ziemba said the campaign needs financial support, not signatures."

Looks like they could have used the signatures.

However, our real question is, did the Home Builders ever agree to give the money instead? If so, are they now off the hook because the initiative crashed and burned?

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