Thursday, July 3, 2008

Arizona Republic Love-Fest

The Arizona Republic is lavishing praise on the Governor and her ability to get her agenda passed in the last few days of the session. According to the story, she beat down the Republicans who are resigned to her superiority. Her "whatever it takes motto" is getting things done and going around the legislature through initiatives is praised.

Of course, there are two Democrats commenting in the story and only one Republican. When you read the quotes, you can only tell that Vershoor is speaking with conviction. Both Democrats put forth very tentative praise:

Democratic pollster and strategist Bob Grossfeld called it the kind of session "when the most significant thing you've done is not sink."

"The global competition isn't waiting for us to get through the recession," said Fred DuVal, a member of the state Board of Regents and Phoenix-based political consultant. This was an exceptional commitment in a down year."

Everyone jump for joy! We haven't sunk yet and we have made big commitments in a financially troubling time.

The Arizona 2009 FY budget: feel the excitement!

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