Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Governor takes final action on legislation

Here is a run down of the bills that Governor Napolitano signed and the ones that she vetoed on Monday, the final day she could take action on legislation passed by lawmakers last month before they closed up shop.

Most of the bills passed are fairly run of the mill doing something very specific like spelling out punishments for juvenile offenders or licensing those who originate loans. Two bills that were vetoed, however, were efforts to clarify concealed-carry-weapons laws.

HB 2389 - would have allowed people to have gun in their vehicles without a CCW permit. This would have prevented people from having to leave their gun in plain sight in their car.

HB 2626 - would have allowed volunteer possee and ex-enforcement officials to carry concealed weapons without a CCW permit.

Again, its the little things that the Governor has problems with. This time, the notion of a partially concealed gun was not enough for to warn people. Perhaps if there was a fine for all guns that weren't over 50% exposed and the proceeds went to cover the bond debt, maybe she would have signed it.

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