Monday, July 14, 2008

2010 Watch

We're combing through the rumor mills, news stories, and blogs to give you the latest on the Governor's race in 2010.

Here is a tip sent to us. In a recent survey, small businesses chose Terry Goddard as their top pick for Arizona's Next governor. According to the Silver State Bank/ASBA/O'Neil Associates Arizona Economic Indicators Monitor:

"When we look at first choices only, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard was named by the largest number of respondents (43%), followed by Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon (21%). None of the other prospective named candidates' figures exceeded 10%. These candidates included U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters (10%), Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman (8%), Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne (8%), Arizona State Treasurer Dean Martin (7%), and Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas (5%)."

It would be interesting to know if people were picking from a list of candidates or if they were asked to name a candidate on their own. Secretary of State Jan Brewer and former Democratic Party chairman Jim Pederson are noticeably absent from the list.

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John said...

Those must be the only people in the state who even know who Mary Peters is.