Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mum's the word for Napolitano

Governor Janet Napolitano is being awfully quiet on her intentions for the future. She won't answer questions about her desire to be Vice President, and she won't answer any questions about her desire to be Attorney General. In fact, in both cases, she just outright states that she doesn't answer "those questions."

Not answering is not a confirmation or a denial. In fact, it smacks of waiting to see where the cards fall so she doesn't look like she wanted one job over another. The natural answer to a question like "Would you like to be Vice President?" is not necessary one that is intended to fuel speculation. Most people would say "Heck yeah!" or "Not really."

In her case, it appears that she is waiting to see if she somehow squeeks onto the short list for Vice President. While the liklihood is not there, she'll want to keep the window open by not saying anything. If she comes out and says she wants the job and then doesn't get it, then an offer of Attorney General appears to be a consolation instead of a promotion. In the end, there are many that think that she is probably a better fit for AG anyway.

Either way, Arizonan's may have to face the reality that she isn't going to be around for much longer.

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