Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Governor "cares enough to send the very best"

A friend recently had a baby and in the midst of the cards and gifts, there came a card in the mail from Governor Napolitano wishing her congratulations on the birth of her new baby. The card was on nice paper and had an immunization card attached to the bottom to encourage parents to keep track of their baby's shots. Not only that, but it was a Hallmark card in a Hallmark envelope proving that the Governor "only cares to send the very best."

This seems a little lavish to be sending out in the middle of a budget crisis. Could this be one of the things that could be cut to help save the taxpayers money? The parents already had an immunization record that was given to them at the hospital that was already started by the staff. Why would the parents need another?

How is the list acquired? Is it when people apply for the birth certificate or is it through hospital records? Are people who are using the emergency room as their primary healthcare provider getting this card? Are parents who get their babies taken away by CPS in the hospital still getting this card? Are illegal immigrants who have their babies in Arizona to get them citizenship getting this card?

Perhaps its time for the Governor to spend as much time caring about Arizona's fiscal health as she does caring about the health of our newborns.

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