Friday, November 7, 2008

Republic makes case for Napolitano

The Arizona Republic is now openly lobbying for a cabinet position for Janet Napolitano. In sort of a preemptive farewell, they have taken to touting her experience and the fact that she has earned a spot.

This type of lobbying doesn't usually happen on its own, nor does it make it into the paper without some sort of inkling of what is to come. Even the Boston Herald says that Napolitano has not committed to staying in Arizona. When a local story starts to gather a little bit of national attention and the home town newspaper is putting in a good word, more and more signs are pointing to her departure.

Especially with the Legislature going even more Republican and electing leaders that are less likely to cut a deal, the temptation to leave must be pretty great. Some are saying that its a done deal if she is offered Homeland Security or Attorney General.

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