Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Janet's Choice: Napolitano serious contender for AG

We are launching "Janet's Choice" to follow Governor Napolitano's decision on if she will stay in Arizona and serve out her term or if she will go to Washington and join Obama's Administration. We'll continue to follow this story until an official decision is made.

According to Politico, as reported by Politicker, Napolitano's name is one that is coming up most frequently as a candidate for AG. She is also still being floated for Homeland Security and Secretary of Education. One would guess that she would jump at AG, its not clear if she would leave for the other two.

However, her decision may be a little bit easier, with the observation that conservatives did well in Arizona and Team Napolitano's efforts to bring more moderates and dems to the legislature was roundly rejected. It also may be to her and the rest of the Democrat's advantage to sit back and let the Republicans figure the shortfall out. Just like with the transportation tax initiative, she may end up winning again by losing.

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