Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Media and Dems Predict Impending Darkness on the Horizon

Espresso Pundit has a great aricle about the fears that have arisen from having Republicans at the helm of the legislature and the Governor's office. The imagery of the impending hoarde of Mordor coming to take back the bastion of hope and tranqulity that has been ruled by Napolitano seems to fit well with their ccontant warnings of what may come.

The doom and gloom coverage continues in the Republic with "Uneasiness grows over how Brewer might cut budget." What is interesting is that according the media, the budget shortfall and the problems that have come along with it are now a reality, but they have never truly placed blame for the problem in the first place. Several months ago, everyone expressed their concerns about the budget, but very few in the media have placed the blame squarely on Napolitano.

Now, the budget problems have come home to roost, and Jan Brewer may end up being the bad guy by making the cuts that are needed to balance the budget. In some ways, if Napolitano decides to leave, she will have gotten off relatively light compared to the systemic problems that are currently found in her budget.

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