Thursday, November 13, 2008

Janet's Choice: The New York Times Treatment

We launched "Janet's Choice" to follow Governor Napolitano's decision on if she will stay in Arizona and serve out her term or if she will go to Washington and join Obama's Administration. We'll continue to follow this story until an official decision is made.

Governor Napolitano has now received the New York Times treatment profiled as a "potential member of the administration." They have her listed as a candidate for both Attorney General and Homeland Security.

In addition, the article touts Napolitano's popularity in Arizona and her "nonpartisanship." In the baggage department, the article does not mention the current $1 billion deficit in the state or any of the trouble she has had trying to increase her influence in the current election. The Times calls her endorsement of Obama "crucial," bucking the Clintons in the early part of the Primary season.

As more of these profiles pop up, it lends credence to the notion that the administration is ramping up their picks and trying to tell their story prior to making formal announcements.

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