Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Will she stay or will she go?

Election Day is finally here. Recent surveys and other indicators (270towin.com already calling the race for Obama according to their map) show that Obama is likely the next President of the United States. So, then the question really becomes "Does Governor Napolitano stay or does she go?"

Team Napolitano's hype machine has fired back up giving her credit for putting the Dems before the Republicans on the ballot this year. They are also setting her up as a major factor in swing districts such as District 12 the day before the election. Is this to make sure that she leaves on a high note, or is it an attempt to build her clout for a Senate run in 2010?

Though she was skipped in Obama's infomercial, she has been out stumping for him across the country and is still on the cabinet list. She is also being hailed as a winner in this election because she was an early Obama supporter and helped bolster his campaign and help it gain credibility.

Anyway, on the day of one of the biggest elections in modern history, the Presidency will likely be decided, but it will most likely create murkiness here in Arizona.

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