Friday, November 7, 2008

Consultants Gone Wild!!

It continues to be a bad month for Napolitano and those surrounding her. Espresso Pundit broke an excellent story yesterday about an email that politico (and former Janet appointed Deputy Director of the AZ Dept. of Commerce) Joe Yuhas sent to Rep. Kyrsten Sinema who finished second in her race along with her Dem colleague Rep. Lujan.

An email from a consultant to a legislative candidate isn’t something to normally post on…except when the email is confirmation of potentially illegal activity.

Sinema commented to Espresso Pundit that the email was unsolicited and was not followed up on or discussed further. It’s always interesting how these emails leak out and it causes one to question if this was the only one sent that day.

Regardless of whether this was isolated, there is the potential of illegal activity. Some would say it might be karma considering that at the time the email was sent there was talk of a potential Democrat swing in the House only to get to Election Day and lose 3 seats in the House and 1 in the Senate.

There are ways to “propel” people into leadership roles and breaking the law certainly isn’t one.

Here’s a copy of the email.
------ Forwarded Message
*From: *Joe Yuhas
*Date: *Wed, 29 Oct 2008 17:48:06 -0700
*To: *Kyrsten Sinema
*Conversation: *Legislative IEs
*Subject: *Legislative IEs

Knowing of your obvious interest in the legislative races around the state,
I want to CONFIDENTIALLY share with you an effort we're carrying out on
behalf of "Arizonans for a Healthy Economy"-the Professional Firefighters of
Arizona-led IE that involves a number of progressive organizations. Feel
free to pass on-but DISCREETLY-to colleagues you deem most appropriate.

Tim Hill and Bill Whitaker have done a great job here, and we have really
appreciated being a part of the effort. Of course, my *personal* hope is
that this also helps propel you and others into the leadership role we
desperately need.

These TV spots on running fairly heavy on cable TV systems across the state.
In Yuma, we're also on broadcast local stations.

To view the ads:
1. Go to
2. In the upper right corner, click on "Sign In"
a. Username is: az4he
b. Password is: firefighter (all lowercase)
3. Once you are logged in, on the upper right, click on "Account"
4. Click on "My Videos"
5. All videos will be available - they are titled by Legislative
District. Press play for each of the videos you would like to view.

Essentially, you will see the same ad-a "template" designed to reduce both
production costs and thereby limit the tripping of additional Clean Election
dollars for the opposition.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions
Joe Yuhas
*Partner and Executive Director - Public Affairs*
T: 602-462-2203
C: 602-410-3343

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