Monday, November 24, 2008

How long would Napolitano stay?

Although Governor Napolitano continues to get the star treatment and the long good-byes, its not clear how soon she might actually step out the door, if she decides to leave. There are still some factors at play, including the fact that she still has not been formally announced. However, the large majority of the media and many around Arizona seem to be resigned to the fact that Napolitano is leaving.

In the face of the current Arizona budget crisis, some belive that the time cannot come quick enough for her to leave. However, there are others who belive that she will stay until she is actually confirmed. This would put a damper on Republican's hopes of having a more friendly Republican Governor to deal with during the budget talks.

The question is: how long can she stick around before people start thinking that she has worn out her welcome? It is true that she is a popular Governor, but people tend to want breakups to be quick, not something that is allowed to fester over time. If its announced that she is leaving, how long can she govern as a "lame duck" when its clear that someone is around the corner to take her place?

It makes sense that she would like to clean up the budget mess before she leaves town, so she doesn't look like she is walking away from a problem. Would she still be the media darling if she looks like the one standing in the way?

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