Monday, November 10, 2008

Mum's the word

"Seal up your lips and give no words but mum."

- Shakespeare in Henry VI, Part 2

The Battle of St. Albans that ends Henry VI part 2 appears to be a very fitting source for the quote for the current silence of Governor Napolitano on her future plans. In the first battle of St. Albans, was the first battle in the war of the roses. With the help of allies, the Duke of York defeated the Duke of Somerset and also caputured King Henry VI. York then appointed himself Constable of England and had complete power.

In the modern version, with the help of allies like Napolitano, Obama has vanquished his foe and captured complete power away from a failing leader. In both cases, the men were able to place who they wanted in positions of power. However, Obama gets to be the leader in title and in spirit, while Richard of York came close as protector of the realm, but never wore the crown. Richard's power and influence continued for many years, two of his sons served as king, Edward IV and Richard III. His great granddaughter is Margaret Tudor - the mother of the Tudor Dynasty.

We spread this wiki-knowledge to make a point about the far-reaching potential of Obama and his legacy. The fundamental question is: would it be better to bring the proclaimed "best and brightest" of the Dems to Washington to help bring his change, or should he leave them in their home states to try to build power locally?

Napolitano is the epitome of this conundrum. By all accounts, she is a rising star among the party and she has been popular at home. The Republic says that she has earned a spot, and for the most part, they have encouraged her to go to Washington. Tedski disagrees saying that she should stay and run for the Senate in 2010.

Which direction would give Obama a chance to turn his victory into a legacy?

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