Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Janet's Choice: Perhaps Homeland Security or Energy

It appears that Obama's push for Holder as Attorney General is gaining steam. Since we saw the report from MSNBC earlier today, the story has been picked up by several other news outlets:

Yahoo: Holder accepts Obama Justice offer: senior Democrat

NBC: Holder tagged for attorney general

CNN: Obama chooses Eric Holder to be Attorney General

Fox News: Eric Holder Being Vetted as Obama Attorney General

Now, the question is, can Holder withstand the Senate confirmation and his part in pardoning millionaire fugitive Marc Rich? They are likely letting this leak now so that there is time to vette the story through the media and allow his part in that scandal to be softened by the media's kind treatment of Obama and the inspirational story of the first African American Attorney General.

Where does this leave Napolitano? Its likely that she was aware of the pick, and her reaction over the next day or so will likely tell us if they have a different spot in mind for her within the Cabinet.

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