Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Janet's Choice: Will she settle for a showdown in 2010?

It looks like Holder has been tapped for AG. Some believe that he is being floated out to take the heat as the first Obama appointee paving an easier way for the others. However, the much more likely scenario is that the transition team has secured his place and the job is his.

Two former Clinton guys does not a change make, add Hillary Clinton to the mix as Secretary of State, and there may be some concern among his changelings. Napolitano and Richardson may help deflect some of these concerns.

However, the choice may have gotten more difficult for Janet. If she is willing to stay here and receive the concilitary note and JLBC report from Speaker-Elect Burns, she would be primed to take on McCain for the Senate Seat in 2010. We would certainly expect a lot of help from the Obama camp in that race, taking on his former opponent. If Janet can show she can also take on and beat the Republican Presidential Candidate in his own state, it may help her national cred.

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