Monday, June 30, 2008

I have a bad feeling about this

George Lucas' favorite line seems to be an accurate indicator of how people are feeling about the new budget. There are very few people standing up talking about how great it is or how its going to help Arizona's overall economic health. In fact, Napolitano said very little in signing it into law on Friday.

The overall tone is very negative and the support for the budget appears very thin as those in favor appear to not want to be connected to some of the financing schemes that were needed to keep the plan afloat. The overall view of the budget is far from upbeat.

For example:

The Tribune calls the plan a "gamble"

The Capitol Times says that the business agenda was "left out in the cold"

Robert Robb is calling it a " colossal failure of leadership"

Espresso Pundit is predicting that it will "devastate the state's finances in the long run"

Blog for Arizona even takes issue with Tim Bee not standing up against a "Democratic budget"

Even the Arizona Republic calls the budget "ugly" before lavishing praise on it

We have yet to find someone who is happy about the budget's passage or is willing to stand up and selling it on its merits. This budget seems to be a child with no parents. So who is going to get it under control as the budget worsens with gasoline going up another 10 cents and no one being able to afford to leave the house?

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