Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Budget Deal approaches

The House and the Senate have both put out draft budget plans. In both plans, Governor Napolitano is getting her wish for K-12 bonding and fund sweeps. One of the main differences, it appears, is that the House version contains more cuts while the Senate version allows the K-12 budget rollover that the Governor has requested.

The paper reports that Napolitano is "looking favorably" on the Senate package, which is why its no surprise that it gets the lede even though the House's budget actually came out earlier in the day. Also, the house budget is being dismissed as not bipartisan with the Governor's spokesperson stating that there is "not a lot to like" in the plan.

So, it appears that placing a large amount of financial burden on a future budget is a dealbreaker for Napolitano. It must be in or else there is "not a lot to like." With shutdown looming, we probably will see a final plan much closer to the Senate plan with a large financial price tag attached.

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