Friday, June 20, 2008

Napolitano supports even more spending

Intellectual Conservative Arizona (artist formerly known as AZ Political Intel) has pointed out that Governor Napolitano is also supporting the $1.4 billion dollar bonding package for the universities.

Not only is she supporting bonding for K-12, and an 18% increase in the sales tax for transportation, but she is also supporting another $1.4 Billion in debt for something cleverly masked as a "stimulus plan."

I am not exactly sure how building more buildings makes sense to help the Universities when they underutilize the buildings that they already have. Its also hard to feel like they are cash poor when the continually raise the tuition rates slowly creeping away from their mandate that University education "shall be as nearly free as possible."

There is a disconnect here between the reality of what the state faces and what the Governor and the University types want to spend their money on. Its hard to fool people who aren't driving around as much because they can't afford gas that they should cough up more money to build shiny new buildings. When regular people have to make sacrifices because of the economy, the Government should have to as well.

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