Monday, June 30, 2008

Napolitano vetoes abortion bill

Governor Napolitano has vetoed the partial birth abortion bill for a second time. You will recall that this is the same bill that she rejected earlier in the year and gave a list of reasons for its rejection. Those issues were fixed, yet it was not enough to get the Governor's approval Here is more coverage from IC Arizona and CAP.

Here is their breakdown of all of the abortion bills that Napolitano has rejected during her term in office:
  • Informed consent for women considering abortions (Vetoed in 2004)
  • Informing a woman considering an abortion that the child may feel pain (Vetoed in 2006)
  • Notarized written consent by a parent or guardian before a minor may get an abortion (Vetoed in 2006)
  • Guidelines for a judge to consider when allowing a minor to get an abortion without parental consent (Vetoed in 2006)
  • Amended guidelines for a judge to consider that addressed the Governor's concerns (Vetoed in 2008)
  • No insurance taxpayer subsidies for abortions for government employees (Vetoed in 2006)
  • Ban on the sale of human eggs (Vetoed in 2006)
  • Informed consent for women donating their eggs (Vetoed in 2006)
  • Ban on partial-birth abortion (Vetoed twice in 2008)

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K said...

Thanks for the information on the informed consent law. I wonder why she (the govenor) rejected it this time?

We recently wrote an article on informed consent at Brain Blogger. What informed consent really should be is an thorough discussion with your doctor to inform you of the facts of whatever he/she needs your consent for. But, unfortunately, it can't always be that way.

We would like to read your comments on our article. Thank you.