Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Citizen wants Napolitano to stay

The Tucson Citizen believes, "Arizona needs Napolitano a lot more than Obama does."

I hate to tell the folks over at the Citizen, but there are a lot of signs pointing to a departure if there is an opportunity after the presidential election. Here are just a few:

1. A mounting budget deficit that the Governor's office does not appear to have any desire to negotiate. It appears that its borrowing and bonding or nothing. That's not the type of compromise that the state needs.

2. The half-baked transportation plan has the potential to make or break her legacy. Besides All-Day Kindergarden and CPS reform, what else does she have? If this thing starts going down in flames, its going to be important that she has an escape route.

3. Have you looked at the Governor's web page lately? There is a fairly new and airbrushed picture gracing every page, plus some very high res shots available for press use. Combined with the rumors that she has been dressing up more as of late, it would appear that she has her mind on the national media instead of the locals.

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