Thursday, June 26, 2008

Will Napolitano condemn BAMN?

As we mentioned yesterday, Napolitano's transportation tax hike has more thank likely made it to the ballot getting over 250,000 petition signatures. Another initiative that is still on the street is the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative ballot petition. Sonoran Alliance has great coverage of how the national group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) have come to town to try to harass people and prevent them from signing the petition.

Napolitano has shown her faith in using the initiative path to get things placed on the ballot, unveiling a transportation plan of her own that avoided the Legislature altogether. How would she have felt if people followed gatherers carrying her petitions around and harassed people into not signing? How would she have reacted if people had tried to take petitions away from gatherers? If voters have the right to vote on their own 18% sales tax hike, shouldn't they have the same right to vote on this Civil Rights initiative?

You can see the BAMN tactics for yourself:

So the question is: Will Napolitano condemn BAMN for their actions in blocking the citizen's initiative process that she has shown favor to?

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