Monday, March 16, 2009

Infighting or sqeeky wheel getting the grease?

The Republic had a story in the Valley and State this weekend with the title "Infighting divides Brewer, legislators." At first read I would think the 90 legislators down at the capital are in a war with the 9th floor.

By the third paragraph the fog starts to clear with the quote "the signs are everywhere of a rift between her and lawmakers of her own party." Okay, so this might be between the 9th floor and the Republican controlled House and Senate.

Then, I realize this centers on the 10 no votes on a bill to restore assistance for 18,000 Arizona children using Federal Dollars. Those 10 no votes happened to be Republican. They were upset that a letter was sent to those affected families warning that their child care support would be ending as of yesterday.

My view: This is a good thing. It just happens that Brewer Spokesman Paul Senseman agrees. He was quoted saying, "Clashes between the legislative and executive branch are built into the Constitution."

One thing that gives me comfort is that Brewer has worn both shoes so should know what the legislators may be feeling. The 2010 election is right around the corner and the Republicans on both sides need to be focused on getting this budget fixed or it's going to get easier and easier for the blame game to be elevated.

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