Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brewer has 57% approval rating

Kudos to Noble Thinking for his coverage and thoughts on a recent poll done by Rasmussen. Make sure to read his post, he has a lot of thoughtful insigh regarding the results of the survey and what it may mean for the direction of Arizona.

First observation: Brewer outpaces Obama with a 57% to 53% approval rating. She is also beating the President's disapproval rating 37% to 47%. I agree that its not all that surprising since Arizona is a red state, but it does show that efforts to go purple are still a little behind, and it also shows that Brewer is not as much of a polarizing figure. She may have a chance to gain some ground in the middle.

Second observation: while people hate the nebulous idea of "taxes," there is a surprising amount of support for a sales tax. Look at question 3 vs. question 5. Only 22% favor "taxes," but it shoots up to 41% when it becomes more detailed. Opposition shrinks as well. It will be interesting to see if the 9th floor is able to come up with enough specificity to gain the trust of the voters.

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