Wednesday, March 18, 2009

$4 Billion is our piece of the pie

Gov. Brewer, in a letter to President Obama, formally requested Arizona's share of the almost $800 Billion "stimulus package" which became law a month ago. That letter is the golden ticket because it translates into about $4 Billion for the state.

The money won't be in the bank tomorrow though as we have to request it for specific programs that qualify under the program. The state also doesn't ahve to take it all but can only take what was requested. In other words, as and you shall receive, but only if you decide you really want it.

With an ask deadline approaching this wasn't just a formality but a good idea. The package is what it is and even if you're like many in the crowd that hates it, it's better to get the money you're paying then see it go to pork projects in other states.

The Governors office is the lucky one here as she hit the $185 M Powerball and gets to use that amount to her discretion. It just has to be used on projects that create jobs and promote economic growth. I'm more than willing to take a job on the 9th floor for $50M a year and I promise to spend every dime of it in local shops. Not sure if that will fly but I wanted to put it out there.

Howie Fischer's Trib Article here.

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