Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brewer making the rounds Building a Better Arizona

Governor Brewer was out Wednesday among the business leaders selling her 5 point plan she is calling Building a Better Arizona.

Brewer explained to the group that the state right now is in a "state of catastrophe" which makes the temporary tax hike portion of her plan absolutely necessary. She also warned of more across the board education spending cuts which will definitely translate into more protests down at the capital.

She explained that the shortfall could grow to $13 Billion by 2014 even with money from the Federal Stimulus Package. Looking at all of the facts and figures, it's hard to dispute the Governors assertion that it will take a combination of 5 different things to solve this massive problem. Cuts, stimulus money, taxes, and spending reform measures to ensure this doesn't happen again are all things that are going to happen to get out of this mess.

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Thane Eichenauer said...

Oh no, not more protests! Gosh darn it, voters filling the walkways!

The state of so-called catastrophe is excessive government spending, the solution to the so-called catastrophe isn't caving into the government spending and taxing lobby because of protests.