Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Governor Brewer calls another special session

Our year round legislature will be back at it again on Thursday as Governor Brewer has called a special session covering three topics.
  • Proposal to ask voters to loosen restrictions on voter-approved funds
  • More cuts on top of those passed a few weeks ago. $200 Million seems to be the number
  • Refer to the ballot a temporary sales-tax and allow the voters to decide the state budget number the state will move forward with.
Some say the votes are there. Some say they aren't. Either way, the only guarantee you have is that it will be an interesting session as usual.

Will the Democrats be there? Will Ron Gould stay the line on his rhetoric? What do you think?


cpmaz said...

The Democrats will be there, but don't expect many, if any, of them to support the Governor's gimmicks.

Not unless the Governor and the lege leadership become serious about talking to Democrats and balancing the budget.

And right now, they aren't serious about anything, other than caving in to the anti-government/anti-society wing of the GOP.

Not that I have a strong opinion on the matter. :)

BTW - Prediction: Ron Gould will "stay the line" on his rhetoric - he's like Mikey of the old Life Cereal ads.

He hates everything.

Anonymous said...