Monday, January 11, 2010

Quotes from Brewer's State of State

Tip to AZCapitol Times and their Twitter page for some of the highlights of the Governor's State of the State. You can get a full copy of the speech here.

There were definitely a few shots across the bow of her opponents. At one point, Brewer said, "If you have a better plan, produce it -- and soon." Vernon Parker responded by Twitter saying, "For a better plan, visit"

I clicked around but couldn't find any plans to balance the budget this year. If someone from the Parker campaign could point me in the right direction that would be great.

Below are some of the sound bites from today:

Brewer: "Spare us the profiles in courage. It's time for a little less profile and a little more courage."

Brewer: "Government must live within its means."

Brewer: Five point plan is now 3 points.

Brewer: "Substantial" cuts needed still.

Brewer: 'Wrong' is arguing against solutions, when evidence to the contrary is everywhere

Brewer: "In my year on the job, I have grown wiser, and time has grown shorter."

Brewer: "I do not shrink from (challenges), I do not cower, and neither should you.

Brewer: Need to ask voters to roll back minimum levels for AHCCCS, because $1B of deficit is due to Prop 204 requirements.

Brewer: Gaming Director Mark Brnovitch will head up commission to examine gov't privatization and streamlining.

Brewer: "Our state government today is not suited for Arizona's second century." Reform of gov't services needed for greater efficiency.

Brewer: $10 million of federal stimulus money will be used for job training

Brewer: "Enough is enough. Secure our borders."

Brewer: If Goddard won't defend AZ's rights against Feds, "I will."

Brewer: Feds are violating 10th Amendment of Constitution by giving states mandates to spend money

Brewer: Can't "rollback odometer on state government" because of growth in AZ, at least not without help of the voters.

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