Friday, May 28, 2010

Buz Mills campaign: Sexist or Sloppy?

In an interesting turn of events, Buz Mills has decided to challenge Governor Brewer on illegal immigration. Seems like a questionable tactic, since Brewer has become the face of a national movement. IN case Buz hasn't noticed, Brewer's slam of President Obama has nearly 1 million hits.

Maybe the spotlight on Brewer is a little too bright and Mills wants a little bit of attention for himself. Afterall, he's the one with the big bucks. Unfortunately, we don't think his latest mailer will give him the kind of attention he wanted.

In a stroke of what Exurban League calls "real campaigns of genius," it appears that Mills has decided to take the sexist route and claim that it will take a real man to secure the border. Ouch.

Now Mills' campaign is backpeddling saying that it was a printing mistake. When they are trailing in the polls after the guy has already spent $2 million, it seems like this is the kind of mix up they can't afford.

Seriously, why was "real man" ever an option? Who typed that in the first place? Was that what first came to mind in some sort of free association word game?

Was he looking at the picture below and feeling threatened?