Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another blow to Napolitano legacy

While Napolitano is buying one way plane tickets to DC, her legacy continues to crumble as it now looks like Arizona's 2010 budget could balloon to $3.2 billion, and the Hard Rock theme park in Myrtle Beach, SC is closing just nine months after opening.

If you recall, Governor Napolitano signed the authority to bond nearly $750 million for the Decades Theme park in Eloy, Arizona. The idea, pitched as an economic driver for all of central Arizona, has proven to come up short in a much more scenic location, and with private dollars no less. It looks like all-day Kindergarden and the toughest employer sanctions law in the country will continue to the the pillars of Napolitano's legacy.

However, as Espresso Pundit points out, the bonding authority is still on the books. That may be something that the legislature wants to consider repealing, especially since there is about to be lot of cheap rock n' roll theme park equipment and memorabilia available for sale.

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