Monday, January 12, 2009

Napolitano Swan Song

Governor Janet Napolitano gave her swan song speech this afternoon to lawmakers urging them not to cut programs related to education, health care, domestic violence, and foreclosure assistance.  

As was speculated, she used her time to tout her accomplishments over the last six years. Interesting that she spent some time on a topic linked to some of this years biggest failures. Napolitano called for a reduction in the number of signatures needed to get initiatives on the ballot, while urging an increase from a majority to two thirds for those issues referred by state lawmakers.  Not surprising since two of her pet projects didn't make the ballot while bills she vetoed found their way to the ballots, circumventing her vetoes.

Some of the other items she lobbied for were:

•  Legislation extending in-state tuition rates to every veteran in Arizona.

•  Legislation that further cracks down on human smugglers.

•  Lawmakers to build on last year's failed TIME transportation initiative, allowing "the people of Arizona to have their say on this critical issue by 2010."

It will be interesting to see in the next year or so if any of these items get any attention.

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