Thursday, October 8, 2009

Brewer takes a stand against Medicaid expansion

Governor Brewer raised a warning flag today that health-care reforms being pushed in Congress by Senator Baucus-(D MT) right now could create a "devastating" situation for Arizona. Brewer state that these reforms would create an unfudned mandate that could push our already struggling state into bankruptcy.

To make her point, Brewer pointed to the fact that Arizona is already struggling to meet its obligations. "We can't afford the AHCCCS program we have currently," she said.

Even Democratic Rep Kysten Sinema, who is on Obama's health-care reform task force admitted the latest Baucus plan simply wouldn't work in Arizona.

Brewer joins a group of other Republican governors speaking out against the plan. This is one of her first foray's into the national scene. It would be expected though that this will not be the last since 39 governor seats (20 Dem incumbents-19 Rep's) are up for reelection next year.

Governor's letter to Baucus Here.

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