Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brewer's light public schedule raises questions

Remember when Governor Napolitano's meager public schedule made everyone believe that she had one foot already in Washington D.C.? Similar questions are starting to surface regarding Governor Brewer's seemingly light public schedule.

In fact, Brewer's schedule from this week only features 2 public events. Her schedule last week only contained 1 public event. We tried to compare these weeks back to previous years, but it appears that all of the previous administration's releases are now gone off the Governor's website.

So, the question is, is this the schedule of a Governor who is planning to run for re-election? One would think that public appearances would be one of the greatest perks for an incumbent, appearing across the state reinforcing your office and keeping your name in people's minds. It would seem to be a wise idea, especially when other rival Republicans are announcing their candidacies.

Is this an idication of the Governor's intentions or is it just a lack of finding things to do?

Where's Kevin Tyne?

Speaking of the Governor and public appearances, our post on the Governor's Chief of Staff, Kevin Tyne, has received quite a bit of attention including a mention in the Guardian Angel. From the emails and feedback that we have received, the "Tyne Factor" is as prevalent as we found in the quick image search we shared.

So, we're asking for proof. We've been keeping our "Eye on the 9th Floor," but apparently that's not where to look to find Tyne. So, send us any pictures you have with Kevin Tyne out and about with the Governor, by her side, or in the background. Cell phone shots, video clips, whatever you have. It will be Arizona's version of Where's Waldo.

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