Thursday, November 19, 2009

Special Session Stopped Short - Governor Reacts

Earlier this week, Governor Brewer called a special session to cut over $300 million from the State's budget. The special session didn't go as planned, as Senator Vershoor opted not to vote for the fix because of disagreements with other policy issues. Not a single Democrat voted for the budget cuts. Below is Brewer's release on the failure in the Senate:


PHOENIX – “I would like to thank those in the legislature that stepped up and returned to the Capitol for a special session that was intended to start a recovery process in a state that is suffering terribly from a budget deficit of epic proportions, a budget crisis years in the making.

“The sheer magnitude of Arizona’s budget deficit is unprecedented and requires immediate action by each and every member of the Arizona Legislature. Unfortunately, every single Democrat and a couple of Republican extremists have, once again, thwarted this effort to slow government spending. It is time to put self-interests and personal agendas aside and do what is in the best interest of the state. Our citizens deserve that and Arizona’s future depends on it.

“The people of the State of Arizona and this Governor expect much more. Budget cuts are absolutely necessary, and to suggest anything different is simply unrealistic. Further responsible budget actions will also be necessary.

“I am meeting this afternoon with the Speaker and President and intend to provide any additional assistance my agencies or I may offer to help them succeed.”

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