Monday, November 23, 2009

They did it!!

After a weekend of anticipation, the legislature met today (a few hours later then planned) and approved on party lines $300 million in cuts from the state budget. The Senate started off the morning looking for Democratic votes but after last weeks AWOL, Sen Thayer Verschoor was in the building a was a yes vote.

Governor Brewer will be signing the bills today. The cuts and changes will be immediate. The cuts scratch the surface of the overall deficit but is a start. The question is, is this session a sign of things to come?

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American Conservative Republican said...

If Republicans in the legislature would just cooperate with the Governor and GOP legislative leadership and stop breaking ranks, we could get this budget crisis under control with a tax cut to stimulate the Arizona economy, make cuts where possible and ask the voters to throw in a penny on every taxable purchase to rapidly close the budget gap. However, some extremist have to have it their own way and are more concerned about their political future, regardless of the consequences to the people of Arizona, shame on Gorman and Gould for killing a great budget agreement.