Monday, March 1, 2010

Hayworth/McCain invade race for Governor

Six weeks ago, the race for the GOP nomination for Governor seemed like it would be the hot ticket for the fall. Enter JD Hayworth challenging Senator John McCain. Since then, the attention paid to the race for the 9th Floor has diminished significantly. In fact, Governor's news has become almost a footnote in the Hayworth/McCain battle.

While the sales tax appears to be the critical issue at the moment, it does raise an interesting question, however, of if any of the other GOP candidates (Munger, Mills, or Martin) weigh in on the race for Senator. If they all endorse Hayworth, do they risk splitting that vote, leaving the McCainiacs for Brewer? If one (Munger, perhaps) or more opts to support McCain, do they risk losing their "anti-tax" base?

With so much at stake, in the end, it's my guess that the only thing we'll hear from the other candidates is silence.

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