Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hits keep coming for Dean Martin

So far, this has not been a good week for Dean Martin. First, it was revealed that he actually voted for a massive increase in spending during his time as State Senator. Next, it was alleged that Martin claimed that he had "hid" money from Napolitano.

Now, neither story is going away.

The Attorney General is now going to look into these statements to see if Martin "cooked the books" in 2007 after Andrei Cherny called for an investigation.

Martin is also staying very silent on his votes to support Napolitano, which has lead to the launch of another humorous video, this time with Martin disco dancing with Napolitano:

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American Conservative Republican said...

It was discovered when he was a state senator that he was skimming campaign funds into his own pocket and published in The Republic during the Thanksgiving weekend in 2004. Martin owes his political success to a famous name, a string of lightweight opponents and plenty of money from lobbyist. As a former supporter of Martin I can safely say that those that know him has discovered that he is a phony and only out for himself.

Dean Martin, a name we know and don't trust.