Monday, April 26, 2010

Buz Mills has past legal trouble for fraud

Candidate for Governor Buz Mills has received a lot of attention lately for already spending over $1.2 million in his bid for Governor. With that attention comes a very bright spotlight. In this case, court records reveal that Mills defrauded his partner for a couple million dollars by sending his unknowing partner on vacation while he negotiated a very lucrative deal to sell his company.

The story (links to the actual legal documents can be found in Sonoran Alliance) shows that Mills was found guilty of defrauding his partner and ordered to pay out $4.8 million. Mills then challenged the decision and they settled it out of court. Soon after, Mills skipped town and set up shop in Arizona.

Mills, who has also been in hot water for his lack of support for employer sanctions, is now calling it a "friendly disagreement," which seems to fall very short in explaining an adjudicated case of fraud. Some of the comments conjure images of former Governor Fife Symington, whose company, ironically, is connected with Mills' campaign.

It looks like Buz Mills has some real explaining to do.

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