Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Buz Mills - Quoth the Raven: Nevermore

Following the news of fraud from Buz Mills yesterday, in a strange revelation, it has been revealed that Buz Mills has also doctored campaign photos.

The questions surround a raven shapped pin that was originally featured in Mills' campaign materials. The raven, which looked like a sort of pilot wings on Mills' khaki "uniform," has since been removed from the photographs.

Mills claims that the raven was removed to prevent promoting his business Gunsite which features ravens on everything from knives to gun grips. According to this story, the raven is the "symbol or totem" for Gunsite, representing not only the ravens on the property, but also:

"Norse mythology Odin held forth as the god of Valhalla. Odin was accompanied by his two ravens, Hugin and Munin, and they are usually depicted perched on his shoulders or on the arms of his throne. The ravens represented knowledge and wisdom and Odin would send them to Earth to bring back news, but more importantly, they were seen as the conduits for dispensing the knowledge and wisdom of the gods to mankind. So for us, the raven is a fitting symbol for our efforts to spread 'the word.'"

The raven flag is also shown prominently in a picture that is conspicuously missing the Arizona flag. Perhaps the Arizona flag was removed for effect, or Mills was trying to market to those who live outside of Arizona.

The raven is also perched on top of the flag pole and at the entrance to the facility. In fact, in his campaign finance report, Mills' address is listed as living off of Ravenguard drive. We seem to be detecting a theme here.

Back to the flag issue, Mills' early campaign materials featured a picture of the candidate sporting a pin of a raven superimposed over the American flag. Until recently, Mills had also been seen at campaign events sporting the same pin. It is also featured prominently in Mills' first video.

Now, in his latest commercial, Mills has exchanged the raven for an Arizona flag pin. It's one thing to stop wearing the pin, and quite another to go back and try to erase its existence.

What has motivated this sudden raven eradication?

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